My first public gig was when I was fifteen. I played in this little bar; there weren’t many people in there. I took my cousin and my uncle. I was nervous but I was excited at the same time. I played a mix of my own stuff and covers. My cousin who was in a band had told me that you should have half an hour’s worth of material so I tried to write half an hour’s worth of stuff so that I could just go out and do gigs. Then I started gigging and I met Jason who became my manager. He got me into a recording studio and I got a record deal pretty quickly. It was amazing how easy it was to get a record deal. Every artist out there, that’s what they strive for. But when you get the record deal that’s when you realise actually that was the easiest bit of it all, and that’s a mad realisation. Then the hard work starts. The record label will probably sign ten acts in a year and maybe one of them will do well. When I was signed there were other artists around who got signed at the same time that were doing maybe a little bit better than me and then their careers didn’t take off and you’d see them going further down the bill as I was going up. It’s scary because it makes you think ‘when is it just going to stop, when is it going to end’. You can sit in bed and worry about it every night like I do for two minutes and then you have to think, well the time I am spending worrying about it I could actually be using it to be productive to help maintain my career and keep going up.

Jake Bugg

This is beautiful, it really shows you how Jake feels about all of this.

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I find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future

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